Opinion: Why students should use their voice and vote


Emma Parada

Yelling for you to vote!

Sydney Thomas-Arnold, Feature Editor

No matter the individual beliefs a person holds regarding this upcoming election and political change overall, they should utilize their power of voting in order to make a real change. In using a voice as an individual, problems can be solved and real results have a greater potential to transpire.

Voting season is here. Early voting started on Oct. 25, and will continue to run until Nov. 4; actual Election Day is Nov. 8. With voter registration now closed, it is time for those that are registered to take the necessary steps in completing their vote. In this year’s election, much is at stake regarding political figures, the school board, and social changes in general.

Many young individuals overlook the power that they hold in the political process. Even without a vote, recent years of growing activism within social media have proven that actual change is achievable. The next step in making real change is now to take advantage of the opportunity to vote. Voting provides the ability to transform opinions into direct, and potentially significant, change. Everyone has criticisms of the current political system among other issues. With voting, individual appraisals can be made heard.

This election will determine the future of Texas on many different levels. The position of the state governor is on the ballot and the tension is high. The two candidates of this election are Greg Abbott, the current Republican governor of Texas who has been serving as such since 2015, and Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat who previously served as a Texas representative from 2013-2019. The two have debated on subjects such as gun control, border and immigration, LGBTQ+ rights, and more. Beto and Abbott have vastly different stances on all of these issues, meaning that the future of these issues and the state as a whole hangs in the balance of who will be elected.

Those that are registered should know that it is well worth it to take advantage of voting. Use this as an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the system and to make the voice of the people heard. Everyone has complaints about the system; so everyone should put in the effort to fix it.

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