Commentary: Valentine’s Day creates unnecessary pressure amongst teens


Lauryn Olivarez

Small, thoughtful gifts can make a bigger impact than you think

Lauryn Olivarez, Editor-in-Chief

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With it being Valentine’s Day, it’s a common sight to find teenagers scrambling last minute for candy and bears, trying to find something to give their significant others. For many, this love-filled holiday creates unnecessary pressure: to give, or not to give.

Getting cards and flowers may seem like a no-brainer for those in a long-term relationship. Still, for people with a new and budding connection, it begs the question: Is participating in Valentine’s too defining of a step?

With today’s dating culture, this is a very valid concern. The stress of not wanting to rush into things or coming off as overbearing instills the idea of keeping silent. Does buying your partner a card expressing your feelings put too much pressure on a new relationship? Or, if it’s your first February 14th as a couple, what exactly do you do?

When getting swept up in the current that is Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to forget what exactly the holiday can bring. While it does mean expressing love for a certain individual, it can (and should) be about showing the people around you your gratitude, letting them know how important and special they are.

Keep it simple! Here are a few things you can do to subtly participate this Tuesday:

  • Write or buy a card. Tell them how much you like spending time with them. It doesn’t have to be a deep message, just something to show you care!
  • Buy them their favorite candy or snack. A small gesture like this can let somebody know you were listening and remembered a seemingly unimportant detail.
  • Give a homemade good. Make a bracelet out of embroidery floss or beads, or bake something sweet.

Now, if you’re looking for ideas a little more out there, here are a few suggestions to spice up your Valentine’s plans:

  • Go on a picnic. Buy their favorite food, set up a blanket, and watch a movie together.
  • Take them pottery painting. This is a creative way to spend quality time with your partner.
  • Watch airplanes land. George Bush has a small lot where people can park and see planes fly overhead!

Whether you choose to go small or grand, any gesture can make all the difference. It truly is the thought that counts.