Commentary: Less PDA for Valentine’s Day

Charlotte Hildebrandt, Staff Writer

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Valentine’s Day.

You know it. You love it, at least if you’re in a relationship.

Everybody knows that the only people who enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day are those who have a valentine. Meanwhile, all the others have to watch the cheesy couples traipse around the hallways alerting everyone about the fact that they are in a relationship.

There are tons of couples displaying their affection around the halls, in classrooms, and the cafeteria. We already have to deal with the occasional make-out sesh in the halls pretty much every other day, we would prefer not to see the extra PDA on Valentine’s day.

I completely understand if you want to give your significant other a gift or even an extra hug. However, I don’t appreciate a massive gift that I’d have to go the out of my way to avoid.  If you’re that cheesy couple in the hallway blocking pretty much everyone, then we have a problem. Not only that but there’s the issue of the one student who always is bragging about the “love of their life” who did the bare minimum for them.

Step back please, you’re not likely to be married by the end of high school.

Alongside this, how did Valentine’s day circle from mass violence to love and kisses? The origin of this day is Romans beating women with animal hides for three straight days. Why would anyone in their right mind want to celebrate that? Yes, I understand that Shakespeare ended up romanticizing the whole affair (as he is kind of known for that), but still, we probably should’ve found another day to celebrate.

Let’s be honest, I’m not entirely against Valentine’s Day either, however, I’m not very comfortable celebrating it in school. It’s perfectly fine if you want to take your special love out for dinner or any other form of a date. I just don’t entirely feel comfortable seeing couples vividly express their affection in the halls.

I’d much rather celebrate a day like Galentine’s day with my friends where we celebrate our friendship. The main benefit of this is that we get to celebrate each other without the excess PDA. We give each other gifts, exchange chocolates, and maybe even join in on other activities.

In the end, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with affection, so long as it’s nowhere near the school campus.