The Cougar Claw

2018-2019 Staff

Sabrina Ulloa


Hi Coogs! I'm Sabrina Ulloa and your Editor-in-Chief for the year. I’m a senior this year and so excited to be working along the newspaper staff to create new printed issues of the newspaper. I absolutely love reading, writ...

Abi Baldwin

Feature Editor

What's up guys, I'm Abi and I'm the Feature Editor for the Cougar Claw.  I'm and junior and I play tenor saxophone in the Tomball Cougar Pride Marching band and I'm in Theatre.  When I'm not doing some extracurricular I'm either...

Macey Speed

News Editor

Hi! I'm Macey Speed, a senior here at Tomball High School and the news editor of the Cougar Claw!

Bishop Van Buren

Sports Editor

Hi! I'm Bishop, the Sports Editor for The Cougar Claw. I'm a junior at THS and love hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and watching football, and those who know me know I'm a huge Philadelphia sports fanatic. I'm...

Destiny Eisterhold

Opinion Editor

Hey coogs, I am a Junior at THS. I am involved in varsity choir, newspaper, and FFA. I love to gain new friends and to hang out with friends. Anyways, I am looking forward a great year!

Danielle Benson

Photo Editor

Hey! I'm a senior at Tomball, I'm involved in FFA and one of my favorite things to do is take photos.

Janiah Williams

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Janiah, my favorite thing to do outside of school is YouTube and other sports. I hope you guys agree with my opinions on different types of stories I talk about.

Dakota Minto

Staff Writer

Hi my names Dakota I'm a staff writer for The Cougar Claw at Tomball High School and I'm a sophomore.  I do enjoy writing although I find it hard at times. I  like my journalism class and the stories/activities we do.

Madalyn Botello

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Madalyn and I am a junior, I love to read and write, and I enjoy my theater class and book club. I am so excited to be covering the events here at THS. GO COOGS!

Jakobi Hardy

Staff Writer

Hey, my name's Jakobi and I'm new to this school and to Texas.  I love music, food and drawing, and I cook write poems and love to make people laugh.

Elise Guerra

Staff Writer

Hey y'all, I'm a sophomore and am a part of the Cougar Claw staff. I'm also proudly apart of the Tomball Cougar Pride Marching Band and I enjoy it very much. I love to play my flute and piccolo in my free time or binge watching...

Calysta Alvarez

Staff Writer

My name is Calysta, and I am a staff writer for the Tomball High School Cougar Claw. I'm a sophomore, and love to play volleyball, and I am currently in the program. I participate in HOSA and competition as well. I am an extrovert,...

Jenna Jaffray

Staff Writer

Hi! I’m Jenna and I’m a staff writer for the newspaper and a sophomore here at Tomball High School. I love to run, read, write, and spend time with friends and family. I’m involved in track, Spanish Honor Society, Student ...

Rafaella Lopez

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Rafaella Lopez, I am another one of the staff writers for the Cougar Claw. I am currently a senior at THS. Fashion and painting have always been my passions and are hobbies I am constantly pursuing.

April Flores

Staff Writer

Since I was very little I always loved to write, write poems, stories, or even if they were fiction or non fiction. Ever since I found out there was a class called journalism I knew I had to take this class. I am a great student,...

Jordan Husfeld

Staff Writer

I'm a junior at Tomaball High School, I mostly like the social part of school and that's pretty much it. I enjoy going fishing and doing outdoors type of stuff with my friends. After high school I want to go into the field of...

Dylan Busby

Staff Writer

I’m a senior here a THS. I’m a staff writer or the Cougar Claw, I also play for the football team. I plan on attending Arizona State University and I know more about sports than anyone in these 50 states. Twitter: @dylanbusby...

Abbigale Herren

Staff Writer

I'm a junior at Tomball High School. I like math and science. I am a very sociable person. After high schools I plan on going to Texas A&M College of Nursing in College Station, to become a Nurse Anesthetist.

Makayla Guice

staff writer

Hi, I'm Makayla Guice. I'm a ninth grader, and my hobbies are running track, playing on my phone and eating food.  Add me on snapchat @maaa.kaylaaa.

Riley Falzarano


I am a junior at Tomball High School. I'm the chillest guy you'll meet. I don't talk much but I am all ears. I'm always down to talk about real world problems or just about anything. I'm a hard working, trustworthy and loyal guy.  

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