The Cougar Claw

2017-2018 Staff

Hannah McCleney


Hello, I am a staff writer for The Cougar Claw. I'm a sophomore in high school and also a artist, I love drawing comics and creating characters. I am hoping I could make some comics for the school newspaper, and get a job with...

Laney Farr

staff writer

I am a sophomore at Tomball High School. I am also a staff writer for The Cougar Claw. I am involved in other activities at Tomball High School such as Cross Country and Track & Field. I'm very energetic and funny. I love...

Belia Villanueva

Staff writer

I'm a staff writer for The Cougar Claw and I'm 15 years old and in 9th grade. People know me as the "loud and annoying girl," I'm very talkative and lazy. I mainly sit around all day and sleep for a living.

Kurslyn Henderson

Staff Writer

I'm a Staff Writer for The THS Cougar Claw. I am in Debate and a Cheerleader outside of school. I enjoy reading, swimming, dancing, and having fun with friends and family. I love traveling and trying new things. I'm outgoing and...

Meleny Rivera

staff writer

I'm a staff writer for the Cougar Claw. I am also a sophomore at Tomball High School. On the weekends, I babysit a baby that is 3 months old. Honestly I have a bizarre personality, my moods can change drastically, I can be very...

AnnaKate Brown

Staff Writer

Hi! Im AnnaKate, a sophomore staff writer for The Cougar Claw. I like eating, watching Netflix, and taking pictures.  Also my dog is my best friend.

Brekka Saenz

Staff Writer

I am a sophomore at Tomball High School and also a staff writer for The Cougar Claw. I have three older brothers that went to THS as well. I like to keep my friends at a maximum of three because there a lot of snakes at this school....

Emli Mercer

Staff Writer

I'm a staff writer at The Cougar Claw. I would describe myself as quirky, outspoken, imaginative and creative. My hobbies mostly consist of drawing, being outside and listening to music. My aspirations in life are to either become...

Elye Bowen

Staff Writer

I am a staff writer at The Cougar Claw and a Freshman at Tomball High School. My hobbies are watching Netflix, sleeping, eating and talking. I think the best place to sleep is either in school or right after school but I try not...

Logan Fuchs

Staff Writer

I'm 16, I'm a junior, and I'm a staff writer for The Cougar Claw. I have been in Colorguard for four years. Je parle français and I can play the guitar, piano and viola. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and I lo...

Raylene Bradley

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Raylene Bradley. I am a junior and a staff writer for The Cougar Claw newspaper. My hobbies include listening to music and dance.

Angela Martinez

Staff Writer

I am a staff writer for the Cougar Claw Newspaper. I am also a member of the THS Orchestra, I play the violin. Some of my hobbies are reading, playing soccer and listening to music. I am also a Sophmore, Class of 2020. I am very...

Kirbie Morrow

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm a freshmen this year and I'm a staff writer for the newspaper. I'm in band and I play the trumpet. I love dogs and I play piano during my free time.

Michael Peluso

Staff Writer

I am nearly 16 and a sophomore, and I have so many regrets about taking AP classes, so that's fun. I love food, but sadly I always have to run for my bus so I don't usually eat lunch or breakfast. I love my friends so much and...

Kenzie Orsag

Staff Writer

I'm a staff writer for the school newspaper. I'm a sophomore who loves reading, writing, and drawing. I love things like Star Wars and Harry Potter (I'm in Gryffindor if you're wondering). I love fiction and would love to be an...

Daniela Roscero

News Editor

Hey! My name is Daniela Roscero. I got involved in journalism to explore new writing styles, but I have discovered so much more than that. I'm excited to see what else I will learn and what new stories I will cover as the news...

Charlie Bose

Online Editor

So my name’s Charlie Bose, not Charlie Brown. I’ve never owned a beagle in my life but do have two cute wiener dogs. Along with being the Online Editor I’m also the Asst. Training Officer in Navy JROTC and an Eagle Scout....

Emily Ashlock

Editor in Chief

Hi! I'm Emily Ashlock, a senior, and your Editor in Chief! I'm a section leader and Head Librarian in band, and I play clarinet. I love making puns, reading, writing, cinematography, and taking pictures.

Sabrina Ulloa

Opinion Editor

Hey Coogs! I’m Sabrina, the Opinion Editor, which I’m extremely excited about. I’m a junior this year and I love writing, taking pictures,  and doing volunteer work. I can speak Spanish and some German! If you have any...

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