The School Newspaper of Tomball High School

The Cougar Claw

The School Newspaper of Tomball High School

The Cougar Claw

Tomball Memorial High School

Quick facts

Location: 19100 Northpointe Ridge

Opening: Fall 2011

Number of students (est.): 900, freshmen and sophomore only (THS will drop to about 2,300)

Staff hirings: Most positions were drawn from Tomball High School. See hirings list below for the latest news.

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Administration Offices

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Hiring/Positions Filled

Principal: Carol Houston

Assistant Principals: Anna Bruton and David Unruh (story)

Counselors: Sheri Forsyth and Lashelle Nix

Head football coach: Finis Vanover (story)

Assistant coaches: Kevin Webb, James DeBruin (story)

Band director: Andy Easton (story)

Assistant band director: Chris King (story)

Librarian: Doris Greenstreet (story)

Athletic Trainer: Carissa Spraberry


Baseball: Monte Huggins
Girls Basketball: Jana Mustard
Cross Country: Lise DeBruin
Golf: James DeBruin

Boys Soccer: James Woodard

Softball: Lise DeBruin

Swimming: Ashley Adkins

Tennis: Misti Taylor

Volleyball: Morgan Rogers

Complete staff list:

Adkins, Ashley – Teacher/Swim
Atkins, Katie – Teacher
Ballew, Robert Bryce – Teacher
Barrett, Bryan  –  Teacher
Barrett, Tony – Teacher
Bozic, Julissa – Secretary/Assistant Principal/Counselor
Brokmeyer, Kristie – Secretary/Principal’s Office
Brough, Brandon  – Teacher/Asst. Swim/Asst. Softball
Brubaker, Janice  – Aide
Bruton, Ana – Assistant Principal
Bulaclac, Casey  – Teacher
Burns, Angela – Teacher
Campese, Kathleen – Teacher
Charles, Soraya – Teacher
Chase, Troy – Teacher/Football/Sprint Tennis
Chumley, Bethany Jill – Teacher/Yearbook & Newspaper Adviser
Corondado, Vanessa – Teacher
Craft, Daniel – Teacher
DeBruin, James – Teacher/Offensive Coordinator/Golf
DeBruin, Lise – Teacher/Softball/Cross Country
Derocher, Jacalyn – Teacher
Dice, Christine – Teacher
Dy, Veronica – Receptionist
Easton, Andy – Teacher/Director
Erwin, Lucy – Registrar
Forsyth, Sheri – Counselor
Gonzalez, Sheila  – Aide
Greco, Karen – Teacher
Greenstreet, Doris – Librarian
Guerreo, Deanna – Aide
Hamilton, Lawrence – Teacher/Football/Boys Basketball
Henry, Mark – Teacher
Houston, Carol – Principal
Huggins, Monte – Teacher/Baseball/Football
Kilcoyne, Christine – Teacher
King, Chris – Teacher
Kropp, David – Teacher
Landry, Gloria – Teacher
Lovelace, Angela – Nurse
Ly, Saskia – Teacher
Maddy, Jeanne – Teacher
McNabb, David – Teacher
Mendez-Zamudio, Elizabeth – Aide
Meyer, Kevin – Teacher/Girls Soccer/Asst. Cross Country
Miller, Sherry – Teacher
Mustard, Jana – Teacher/Girls Basketball
Nail, Samandra – Teacher/Dance/Drill Team
Nix, Lashelle – Counselor
Osnaya, Rosalinda – Teacher
Peters, Alyson – Teacher
Putney, Cathy – Teacher
Robbins, Kimberly – Teacher
Rogers, Morgan – Teacher/Volleyball
Rousseau, Amy – Teacher
Rust, Ryan – Teacher/Coach
Smith, Elizabeth – Teacher
Spraberry, Carissa – Athletic Trainer
Stackhouse, Janet – Teacher
Suleimanji, Chad – Teacher/Hd Boys Bsktbll/Track/Video Coord
Tate, Sara “Nicole” – Secretary/Athletics/Campus Support
Taylor, Misti – Teacher/Tennis
Unruh, David – Assistant Principal
Vanover, Finis – Head FB Coach/Campus Coordinator
Wake, Diana – Teacher
Webb, Kevin – Teacher/Defensive Coord/Track/Equipment
Wheeler, Shirley – Aide
Whiteley, Betty – Teacher
Wilcoxson, Pamela – Bookkeeper
Williams, Roderick – Teacher/Assistant Athletic Trainer
Williams-Feig, Holly – Secretary/Attendance/Registrar
Wilson, Susan – Secretary/Assistant Principal/Counselor
Woodard, James – Teacher/Boys Soccer
Young, Deanna – Aide/.25 support staff
Zagryn, Susan – Teacher

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