Commentary: The Importance of Classical Music


Anneliese Saenz

Original artwork by Anneliese Saenz.

Anneliese Saenz, Staff writer

“Music speaks straight to our hearts and spirits, to the very core and roots of our souls. . . . Music soothes us, stirs us up. . . melts us to tears” A quote from the English novelist, Charles Kingsley. Classical music has been around since the 1750’s emerging by taking elements from other Western musical traditions, both liturgical and secular, such as the music of Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome, and underwent a synthesis with the musical traditions of the new territories.

Having been around for many centuries the music genre has changed to adapt to the trends of up and coming eras, but as the new generations progress classical music is becoming history in the music world. Although there are still many musicians that specialize in classical music, numbers have dropped significantly. Approximately 10 – 15% of the world’s population listens to classical music as of 2022, but in 2010 20% of the worlds population listened to classical music; with such a big drop in percentages its is expected that less than 3% of the worlds population would indulged in classical music by the year 2035.

Classical music was made to tell the stories of our past; with each symphony a part of our history is shared. If we do not keep classical music alive we will lose a piece of humanity.

Classical music has many uses. The main function of the genre is to bring enjoyment, but it also nurtures our soul and grows our mind in ways that have been substantiated by myriad of studies over recent years. Exposing the very young to classical music has been documented to help develop language skills, reasoning, and spatial intelligence. Another use of classical music is to signify cultural identity and to symbolize ethical awareness. With such benefits of the music, we would have many troubling consequences if we were to not keep it alive.

Solutions to this ever growing issue are to stream classical music on any streaming platform, educate yourself on the genre, and to educate others. Music is an importance significance and without it the world wouldn’t be as advance as it is now.