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Opinion: Are new senior parking spots worth it? Yes!

Santiago Madrigal
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This year, 40 more parking spots are now considered senior spots. They are the row by the field house on the right side of the parking lot. Many seniors have been debating getting them and questioning whether or not they’re worth it. They are worth it, even if the locations are “mediocre.” It’s for the memories, getting to paint them, and getting to school late and still having a good spot.

Getting to paint senior parking spots is a tradition; it’s a way of leaving their mark when seniors leave. But it’s not just that; the students get to look at their creations every day, walk out of school, and remember that their presence will stay there. Undoubtedly, these senior parking spots make a difference in how excited these seniors are to have them.

The most exciting thing every senior looks forward to is late arrival or early release. When arriving at school later than everyone else, students tend to have difficulty finding parking, but if they get senior parking, it’s a guaranteed spot and a decent one. Not only do students get a spot, but they also get the perks that go along with it. It’s not just an assigned parking spot.

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Many believe the new parking spots are not worth paying for since they are behind the original sites, which means they’re further down. This is understandable, but they are only on the opposite side and not in the back. They’re limited for a reason: they’re still very decent spots, and the school only has so many to fit everyone.

Undoubtedly, the new senior parking spots are still worth every penny. Having a senior parking spot is better than having a regular one never promised. Leaving a mark on the school is more important than walking three extra feet. Everyone should try to get a senior parking spot.

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Emma Parada
Emma Parada, Editor-in-Chief
Hey Coogs! I’m this years Editor-in-Chief and I am super excited for everyone to see what I have planned for this year, especially when it comes to print. Outside of Newspaper, I’m in the Dental Practicum where I’ll be able to earn my RDA certification. Outside of school as a whole, I like to spend lots of time with my friends and family. Since my senior year is going by fast I like to cherish those moments with everyone I come in contact with at THS. And always Go Coogs!