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Opinion: Standardized testing should be optional

Stop defining students by a number
Lauren Nolen
Students pose for a photo in anger over career paths that don’t require standardized testing

Standardized testing brings along a lot of time, preparation, and stress. But in a way, is it manufactured stress? It poses many questions surrounding whether standardized testing is even necessary at the high school level. Standardized testing should be optional because it is not essential for all students.

Standardized testing can be useful for some students in order for them to stand out, especially when it comes to college decisions. But this is only true for students who do well on these tests. Not every student is a strong test taker so making standardized testing optional would be most favorable because it allows students to customize their college journey for themselves based on personal strengths. A student who is a stronger test taker should take tests such as the SAT and ACT but a student who is a stronger writer should focus on submitting a stronger essay. That being said a student can still take the tests and decide from there if their score is up to their standards. That itself is a choice.

Not every student will go to college either so standardized testing scores won’t be beneficial or needed for their career path. This is just another contributing reason as to why they should be an option for students. Instead of creating more stress and burdens for students, the school should encourage helpful tools that will actually help the student for their chosen career path.

A common counterargument for this cause is that universities require standardized testing scores for registration. This is actually becoming a myth in current times. Most universities have changed their requirements to test-optional so whether you have strong scores or not, you are given the choice to submit or not submit. University applications are looking to see your strengths regarding education, which is not always test scores.

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The school system should take a close look at this cause and ask themselves if standardized testing is necessary to require for all students because it’s not beneficial for all students. Consider students first.

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Lauren Nolen
Lauren Nolen, Photo Editor
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