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Opinion: Are the new senior parking spots worth it? No!

Santiago Madrigal
Senior parking spots

Opposing view: Are new senior parking spots worth it? Yes!

With the new year starting, seniors bought their parking spots which allowed them to reserve and paint the spot. Currently, there are 190 senior parking spots available, but there are almost 700 kids in the 2023-2024 graduating class. Because of this, the administration has decided to create 40 more senior parking spots by the fieldhouse. While the idea of having more senior spots available is ideal, it has created an outrage for many students who do not want to pay for those spots. 

Senior spots are at the front of the school making them closer to the lower lobby doors. This close proximity is a strong reason why many people buy the spots. Creating spots by the field house defeats the purpose of convenience. Why would somebody pay $100 for a spot if they have to walk that far? 

Creating more spots that far away can be very inconvenient for many people. The field house is away from accessible exits and is farther than where most of the senior spots are. If you are paying the same amount as everybody else, spots that far are not ideal. 

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While they are inconvenient, they do fix the problem with the limited spots. For people who don’t really mind parking that far and just want to paint and have a reserved spot, it’s a great option. A lot of people part of the band, ROTC, and even FFA have said that these spots are closer to their activities. If that is true, these spots should be reserved for those students. 

Even if it’s helpful for people in those activities, for someone who isn’t, it’s pointless.

Despite that, if fixing the problem means creating more spots, then there are other areas closer to the school that would remedy this. Across from the main senior spots is a whole other parking lot that is close to the school. While it is used for staff parking, why not turn that into senior parking and the spots by the field house into staff parking? 


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