Commentary: Cafeteria cleanup up to all of us

Katherine Holland, Staff Writer

Gabriel YounceI am sure that very few people have taken notice of the cafeteria after their lunch period, but those who have know that there is one big problem: trash. A surprisingly large amount of the students leave their trash for the custodians to clean up after lunch.

The school is already short-staffed regarding the janitorial department, with only five people employed as daytime custodians at the moment, so the few we have shouldn’t have even more work to do in addition to regular school cleanup.

In addition to giving the staff more work inside in the cafeteria, people are leaving trash in the atriums. The birds and other creatures living near (and in) the atriums frequently attempt to eat food-covered trash. This badly harms the animal, and it often results in death. Food and wrappers left behind also attract ants and roaches. Keep the atriums safe by cleaning up after yourselves.

If everybody does their part, this school could save the custodians so much time and hassle. Please keep this in mind moving forward.