Balancing school, fun key to successful year

It's tough to do, but balancing school and fun is the key to enjoying your high school years.

Faithlyn Leveillee

It's tough to do, but balancing school and fun is the key to enjoying your high school years.

Faithlyn Leveillee, Opinion Editor

Many students complain that they don’t have time to do anything fun because they are constantly having to do homework. But, despite what some may say, having fun is actually really important as it relaxes the brain and releases some of the pent-up stress from the school day. 

“I think that balancing school and fun is important because it makes the students actually want to be in school and gets them more involved in the subjects that they are learning,” sophomore Jacob Cook said. 

An easy way to manage fun and school is to get organized. Schedules and calendars can be an easy and effective way to accomplish this. 

Some schools either provide or sell schedules and calendars to their students. Schedules can benefit students by allowing them to visually see their tasks and helps manage time. 

Many students who don’t have schedules or calendars are known to procrastinate or forget work. By having a calendar, students will be able to remember and complete each task on their schedule. 

“I think that consolidating and being most efficient with your paper and binders, instead of having a separate binder and folder for every single class, if you could combine some and make it the most efficient organizing system, I think that that helps it not be so overwhelming,” 2019 graduate Macey Speed said. 

Along with organizing schedules, it’s also important to know how to organize dates and times. By knowing the dates and times of each event and due date, students are able to get everything done that needs to be completed. 

For example, there are many of clubs and organization in school. Some students may want to join multiple but some of the dates interfere and conflict with each other. By writing down the dates and times of each meeting and club, it is easier to manage which events it would be possible to attend. 

Circling back to the concern for homework, many people have concerns that homework stresses out students and takes up too much time out of school to complete. But whether students should have homework or not, a possible solution can be organizing when to do homework. 

Making time for homework helps get things time as well as be able to reserve time for fun and other activities. Life does not have to revolve around homework, especially when there are school times provided in school day. Cougar Block is a time that students can use to get homework done. 

Other times to do homework could be a selected thirty minutes or an hour put to the side in the evening to get things done. This saves time wasted on procrastination and allows students time to relax without the stress of homework. 

By getting organized, whether using these methods or adopting others, students can finally manage both the stack of homework and fun away from stress. 

“It’s definitely really difficult to balance and I everyone just has to find what’s best for the, but it is very important for yourself to not be completely focused on one or the other, but both,” Speed said.