Everyone’s buddy Mr. Rex greets students with candy, smile

Charlotte Hildebrandt, Staff Writer

Mr. Rex has been involved with Tomball High School for around five years now, and he has made himself a common friend among all. He works back door security in the lower lobby and offers candy to students around lunch hours. Many students enjoy his company, sharing basic conversations, and occasionally eating alongside him.

“I hand out candy to students because it helps the students in a lot of ways,” said Mr. Rex. “In the afternoon it gives them the energy to stay awake and pay attention. It’s also very nice and the kids like the candy.”

He hands out an assortment of candy almost every day and now and then some of the students surrounding him will hand out candy as well. He has given a wide range of candy varying from lollipops to Recces Peanut Butter Cups. Most of the time students will grab candy, say a simple “Hi Mr. Rex, thank you!” and be on their way. However, students will stay and eat lunch with him, engaging in simple chit-chat.

“I enjoy talking to the students and just having simple conversations, how they’re doing, what they want to do with their life, if they have siblings,” he said. “It’s nice because we have lots of people to discuss different things.”

Everyone enjoys the company of Mr. Rex and many hope that he stays here for years to come. He also shares the same sentiments and enjoys his job and what he does for the students.

“I enjoy being here and it makes my day, and I enjoy what I do,” he said.