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Senior Spotlight: Abigel Hernandez balances academics, with club leadership, community service

Courtesy of Abigel Hernandez
Abigel at Coogs for Christ meeting

In the bustling hallways of our high school, where academic excellence often takes center stage, Senior Abigel Hernandez shows that you can balance extracurricular activities while prioritizing academics. She is a dedicated student and a compassionate community server, immersing herself in clubs and volunteer work.

Throughout High School Abigel has always been very involved; this year she is in 5 clubs and volunteers in her community.

“I’m President of the Ceramics club, part of the painting committee for Field Crew, a member of Coogs for Christ, Culinary arts, and an Officer in the Cougar Catering club,” she said, listing her many club commitments. 

She spends about 2 hours a week volunteering, and about 4 hours a week doing clubs/extracurriculars. Spending that much time a week can affect grades and can be hard to manage with a loaded schedule, but Abigel feels it hasn’t set her back or hindered her academic performance.

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“They have been great learning experiences for me and I’m very glad I’ve had the opportunities to do them,” she said.

Abigel’s love for serving people and the community is the driving force behind her involvement in various clubs and volunteer activities. Her altruistic spirit is showcased through her volunteer work at her church, where she finds fulfillment in connecting with and assisting others.

In the Cougar Catering Club, Abigel serves as an officer, showcasing her leadership skills in coordinating culinary experience. Culinary is something she wants to pursue in the future, this helps her succeed in that area.

“It helps me learn more about the culinary industry and different business aspects,” she said.

As an officer in the Cougar Catering Club, she plays a crucial role in orchestrating culinary delights for various school functions.

Her commitment to our school and community is admirable. She shows you can do anything you want to do, while managing your course load, and making grades a priority.

When looking to the future, she would love to go to Texas A&M but is ultimately undecided on what school she wants to go to. But one thing is for sure, she is going to get a degree in business and then go to Culinary school. Wherever she goes she knows she will definitely get involved in the school’s activities and stay on top of her academics.


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