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Riding into the art show

Lauren Nolen
Rodeo Art

Art is one of the best ways to express and create anything within your range. Student Jakayla Edwards was given the great opportunity to display her creations through the Houston Rodeo, an immense possibility that may further impact her future. As she has already competed, her experience is incredibly valuable for later competitors and future experience. 

The very first step to creating high-quality art is to get in the zone, whether it be scrolling through social media or going on a walk. Jakayla Edwards, she dives into several different mediums and comes up head-first with a piece that has never been done before and will be sure to impress many. 

“It’s not a smooth process and most of the time I change my mind from my original idea after consulting with Mrs. Cunningham. However, it’s still a fun process and the final result is something I’m usually very proud of,” Jakayla said.

As art is a consistently changing form, it is common for many to play around with mediums. For example, one might go from oil painting to charcoal, as for Jakayla, she enjoys clay and most mediums she can play with using her hands.

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“ I mostly started by working with clay. This year I’ve been working a lot with paper mache, cardboard, beading/beads, and paint,” Jakayla said. 

As she was working on the Rodeo art show, she utilized materials such as cardboard and yarn to create a theatrical effect on viewers of her art. However, Jakayla worked with difficulty in creating a piece that had a specific theme to it, with which she had no control over.

“It was a good experience. I prefer projects where I am in charge of the theme or topic, but rodeo was a fun way to get out of my comfort zone, work with new mediums, and stay specific to a certain theme,” Jakayla said. 

Most of her high school career has had some form of influence on the creations around her, art will always be with her wherever she may go. 

 “I have always been a creative kid and always found enjoyment in art-related projects. I may not be as involved in art when I join college but I will always maintain a creative outlet whatever that may be,” Jakayla said.

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