Leading on a legacy: Chambers family continues tradition

Garrett Harrison, Staff Writer

Many students walk through the halls everyday without the knowledge of the school’s long and storied history. In particular, THS has always had an incredible fine arts program, with a high level of success throughout the programs in the fine arts wing. A large amount of this success can be attributed to the wing’s namesake,  Leonard Chambers

Leonard Chambers moved to Tomball in 1959 and spent 34 years working in the district in various musical education positions. In addition to being the district fine arts director for 20 years, Chambers started many of the traditions and programs still in place today.

Chambers took the initiative to start the high school’s first choir as well as the junior high’s first choir and band programs. He pioneered the yearly fine arts festival and created the annual Patriotic Show. His influence is still seen today in the Tomball cougar Pride band program which still uses his “T” formation into “Grandioso”.

His legacy is felt in all students when they sing or hear the band play the Alma Mater, which he took from a simple melody into the song heard at pep rallies and football games. Chambers also composed and wrote the lyrics for the Fight Song and in 2003 was honored as Tomball’s “Citizen of the Year” in appreciation for the hard work and lasing impression he left on the musical programs and the school district.

Chambers passed away in 2010 a 76 years old. today, his legacy is carried on by his daughter, Lynn Brewer, the choir director, and his grandson Ben Brewer, a senior trumpet player in the band.

Ben Brewer I following in his family’s footsteps and plans to attend school for instrument repair next year.

“It’s pretty cool knowing that I am continuing the legacy he started when he founded the music programs here so many years ago,” Ben said.

Lynn Brewer takes great pride in the history her father created.

“He started all of these programs that I’ve been lucky enough to have been apart of and now direct,” Lynn said. “it is an honor carrying on the legacy of such a great man.”