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Is Blk. Water better?

Is Blk. Water better?

September 10, 2015

Opinion: Empty pockets for Prom

Chuck Warren, Ads Editors

April 10, 2015

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Related story: Getting late to find a tux   There is so much money that goes into prom that many people ask “is it worth it”? Of course prom is worth the price, prom is a formal event that only happens once for ma... Read more »

Dress Code always a source of ire

Chuck Warren, Ads Editor

March 16, 2015

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Not a single day goes by that I don’t hear at least one person complain about dress codes. While dress codes may seem a little unfair at times students need to realize that the staff has every right to limit the way students... Read more »

Letters to the Editor

December 7, 2014

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Dear editor, I would like to address how in the English classes the teachers take up the phones of the students at the start of class and lock them away. What if something happens where we need to evacuate quickly? Last year,... Read more »

Coming to America

Carl Burh, Tech Editor

September 2, 2014

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My dad once told me that everything was bigger in Texas. As a young boy I didn't really believe him, but somehow it got stuck in my head and I kept wondering if it was true. Now he is 5000 miles away and I can't even tell h... Read more »