Tickets! Get your Tickets!

Ted Hujar, Sports Editor

Prom is coming up and it’s a list-based entrance. You and your date can’t enter unless you are on the list. If you sold enough trash bags to allow your date in make sure...  Read More »

April 20, 2015

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Prom alternatives

Danny Trchalek, Staff Writer

Prom is one of the privileges that students get to participate in their senior year. Although many students choose to go to the dance, many students also choose to pass up...  Read More »

April 21, 2015

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Baseball knocking on playoffs’ door

Baseball knocking on playoffs’ door

Ted Hujar, Sports editor

The Coogs faced off against Magnolia West on Tuesday, with a destroying 8-0 win. The current district standings are: Brenham 9-1 Tomball 6-4 Magnolia West 6-4 Tomball...  Read More »

April 24, 2015

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Opinion: Empty pockets for Prom

Chuck Warren, Ads Editors

Related story: Getting late to find a tux   There...  Read More »

April 10, 2015

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