Cougar Block schedule starts Wednesday

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Sabrina Ulloa, Editor-in-Chief

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A new cougar block schedule, which is expected to improve the environment around school and the students life, will be implemented into all grades starting Wednesday.

“The reason we’re doing this is to take advantage of your time here at school so you’re not spending as much of your own personal time outside of school on school related items. We can take care of it right here at THS,” school principal Chris Scott said.

This cougar block or advisory time will be different depending on what grade level each student is in. All students will have access to the Master Schedule which will display where teachers are and when they’re available.

“If you’re a freshman you’re going to have advisory of 27 minutes attached to your 5th period class. This advisory time is going to be utilized primarily for study hall,” Scott said.

However, on Wednesdays during the advisory period, as part of the freshmen experience, they’ll be instructed in a Character Strong curriculum, which the school put in place last year.

“This character strong curriculum helps you develop the kinds of qualities and characteristics that we want to see in all of our cougars.” Scott said.

The character strong curriculum will also be available to students 10th through 12th during their cougar block and will be offering a character cord for graduation to those who choose to attend. Seniors who want to attain the character cord will have to sign up and attend 25 sessions which is the same as once a week for 25 minutes.

“I know this is going to be a great thing for our school and I know this is going to be a game changer for many of you. It’s going to really help you achieve what you want at THS,” Scott said.

All 10th to 12th graders will have a cougar block, which basically combines both B and C lunch giving all students a chance to see every teacher at least three times a week for tutoring.

“If you need support so if you need tutoring help, you need to make up a test, you need to get a little extra bump to go from a B to an A or to get that last minute test prep your teachers are going to be available to you three times a week for you to be able to visit them during that lunch block,” Scott said.

Besides students being able to get extra help from their teacher, they’ll be able to attend certain services that will be provided by the school, such as, preparation for the SAT, ACT, or PSAT. Students will have to sign up and will be slotted where test prep will be provided up to six weeks at a time.

“I would say this is a great opportunity for students who are in AP classes and other classes that are really pushing that envelope for college readiness which we know you’re involved in… to help you prepare for those exams, to give you a chance to work with does teachers on a regular basis,” Scott said.

Not only is the cougar block focused on the students academics but will also be able to offer counseling groups to those who have been having some challenges. Students will be able to visit with their counselor and it won’t require them to be out of class during that time.

“I’m super excited for the cougar block thats coming up because it gives me time to finish up applying for colleges and it gives me time to start applying for scholarships,” senior cheer co-captain Presley Babb said.

With the cougar block, students will no longer have to catch up on homework if they have extracurriculars after school and if they’re behind on high school credits a grad lab will be provided in order to catch up.

“I’m a charm so this block schedule is exciting because I get to have a chance to do my homework and have practice after school and not worry about it after,” charm major Audrey Wedemeyer said.

This schedule will run for a few weeks in order to decide whether it is efficient and if students are taking advantage of this opportunity. If the cougar block creates some kind of distraction or there isn’t enough student participation then the school will go back to the original schedule.

“It’s going to be up to you on whether [the cougar block] succeeds or not,” Scott said.


Be sure to comment below how the cougar block can help you as a high school student or any request on how to improve it and you will be entered to win two Ed Sheeran concert tickets.

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