Night of Percussion concert is tomorrow


Natalia Martinez, News Editor

The THS Percussion section will hold it’s annual Night Of Percussion Concert at 7 p.m. Thursday, in the auditorium. This concert is used to showcase and show off their talents that are more secluded during the regular seasons.

It will be a mix of group performances and solo ones. One thing that is different this year than the previous years is that instead of it being just high school student, 6th through 8th graders will be featured as well.

The seniors in percussion are performing a duet called “Catching Shadows”, written by Ivan Trevino and lasts a total of 7:30 minutes. It is a art-rock piece that is musically challenging but gives off a sense of taste and artistry.

“I have really been able to expand my musical talents with this piece,” said senior Mario Rios, “being able to work with my one of my closest friends has really made learning this piece fun.”

The high school students will perform a variety of different piece. Together they will perform “Shock and Awe,”  written by Jamieson Carr and lasts a total of 3:30 minutes.  This piece is described as a overwhelming power, dominant battlefield, maneuvers, and spectacular displays of force to paralyze an enemy and destroy their will to fight.

“I like how the different parts all go together to create this piece,” said freshman Joselyn Escobedo, “I think we’re gonna do really well as long as we keep up with the work we’ve been doing.”

Wind Symphony students will perform a piece called” Dots & Dashes,” written by Dustin Schulze and lasts a total of 4:30 minutes. This piece includes only drums and cymbals, making it a flashy and one of the loudest pieces they will play.

“It’s a fun piece that has different rhythms and time signatures that you don’t normally get to hear or play,” said sophomore William Klein, “Night of Percussion is my favorite night of the year and I can’t wait to showcase who we are.”

Symphonic students along side Wind Symphony students will play a total of two pieces. One is called “Mercury Rising,”  written by Nathan Daughtrey and lasts a total of five minutes. It is described as a shining moment for all players.

“I like the intensity of the piece and how it can switch from this moment of calm to loud and big.” said freshman Braden Soetaert.

Concert student will perform “Three Banditos,” written by Brian Slawson and a total of 2:10 minutes. Giving more of  Mexican folk music, it is a light and rhythmic piece where each part is a harmony to the other two but they aren’t the same.

“Three Banditos has different parts of course but they all fit in together to make it sound folky and peaceful,” said freshman Santiago Garcia,” I really love how it sounds and I’m excited to perform it.”

Each of the ensembles has a variety of people who have worked hard to get it on the list. This schedule for the ensembles will be:

  • Catching Shadows Mario Rios (12th) &  Isabelle Brown (12)
  • Stormbreak: Tomball JH Varsity Band
  • Three Banditos: Santiago Garcia (9) and special guests
  • The Can-Can: Creekside Park JH Beginners
  • Flotsam and Jetsam: Creekside Park 7th Grade
  • Mercury Rising: Wyatt Hollingsworth (11), William Klein (11), Natalia Martinez (10), Anthony Castillo (9), Braden Soetaert (9), Josalyn Escobedo (9), and Jake Dixon (9)
  • Begin Transmission: Tomball JH Non-Varsity
  • Dots & Dashes: Wyatt Hollingsworth (11), William Klein (11), Natalia Martinez (10), and Anthony Castillo (9).
  • Grandfather Clock: Tomball Intermediate Beginners
  • Technology: Creekside Park JH 8th Grade
  • Shock & Awe: Tomball High School Percussion

There will not only be ensembles but eight different solos are performing as well. The schedule for these will be:

  • Sticks Up: William Klein (11), snare
  • Ghost Garden: Jake Dixon (9), marimba
  • Sonata for Violin: Santiago Garcia (9), marimba
  • Beast Mode: Diego Calderon (10), snare
  • Yellow After the Rain: Braden Soetaert (9), marimba
  • Muy Guapo: Anthony Castillo (9), snare
  • Jonathan’s Light: Kennedy Collier (10), marimba
  • Restless: Natalia Martinez (10), marimba

Come out and support the Tomball Percussion tomorrow!