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What to expect when becoming a lifeguard

It’s one of the most popular summer jobs for high school students
Staff Report
Being a lifeguard is a common and popular summer job for high school students. But it can be challenging.

Summer is fast approaching, which means many students will be looking for jobs to last them a couple of months. One of the most common jobs for high schoolers is being a lifeguard. However, not many people actually know the steps to getting their lifeguard certification. All public access pools in the state of Texas require lifeguards to have passed the American Red Cross water safety training program within two years of applying for the job.

Before even applying, the candidate must be at least 16 years of age. Most facilities also require them to have a reliable way to get to and from work. In addition to those, application forms usually include past job experience, skills, strengths and weaknesses, and proof of Red Cross CPR certification.

The American Red Cross CPR certification is proof that one knows how to perform CPR and how to use an AED. An AED is an automated external defibrillator. These are devices used to help a person going into cardiac arrest, also known as having a heart attack. CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is when one uses mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions to save someone who has stopped breathing. Our required health classes teach a unit on both of these and allow you to get your official certification through the class. If a person hasn’t taken the class, then most have at least heard of it and seen it used on television.

The final step of lifeguard training is physical tests. They require a physical examination from a doctor within the past 6 months with proof of date administered. Once that has been proven, you must be able to swim 300 yards. Once you are able to do that consistently, weights are added. These are increased until 10-15 pounds can be carried while swimming.

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“I was a lifeguard last summer with one of my friends and it was fun. I do recommend lots of sunscreen if you’re going to be a lifeguard, though. And the kids can get annoying fast,” advised graduating senior Hannah Allan. She worked at the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center, one of the 14 pools included in the Woodlands Township pool pass.

Lifeguarding and giving swimming lessons are both great job options for students on the water polo team. Taking the opportunity to keep their skills sharp over the break will only make them better next season. The job also builds strength and establishes responsibility.

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