Ready for the Next Step: Trade schools provide overlooked alternatives to college

Emma Parada, Senior Writer

For some students, going to a 4-year long college isn’t an option or they just don’t want to spend that time getting a degree.Good thing there’s tons of other options like trade school. Trade school is a school organized by a certain career that specializes in only that career and provides training for it.

“It’s really expensive to start at a four year university if you truly don’t know what you want to do,” said College/Career Counselor Emily Nichols.

In today’s world college is becoming really competitive, so trade school is a good option for students looking for a specific certification and will still get the same pay as someone who went to a 4-year college for the same job.

Some of the most high paying careers that you only need to go to trade school are:

  • Air Traffic Controller ($130,420 per year)
  • Dental Hygienist ($77,090 per year)
  • Web Developer ($77,200 per year)
  • Power Utility Tech ($61,470 per year)
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer ($75,920 per year)

Trade schools are a viable and acceptable option, especially for students coming out of high school.

“Everybody’s not geared to go to a 4-year college, if somebody wants to go to a trade school that just focuses on one thing and succeed and excel at it, you can really, really do that,” said Jamail Blunt with Arclabs Welding School.

Arclabs is one of several trade schools that come to campus for college fairs.

In addition to trade schools, the military offers job training in a wide variety of fields, and recruiters are on campus regularly to answer questions.