Botello and Bricker awarded NROTC scholarship


Jaime Rowe

The Senior Award show included presentations of scholarships, including two major military scholarships.

Ally Osman and Lucas Botello

Lucas Botello and Grace Bricker are the two seniors from THS receiving the Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship.

There are roughly 1000 recipients around the country, the scholarship is worth $200,000, which covers 4 years of tuition, $600 in books, and a monthly $250 stipend for extra costs which increases by $50 each year.

Recipients of the NROTC scholarship must take NROTC classes all 4 years as well as Calculus 1 & 2 and Physics 1 & 2. They are given the opportunity to attend Summer Cruises within the Navy on aircraft carriers, and submarines.

They are also required to shadow officers and enlisted members over the summer to get a preview of what their future in the Navy will hold. Upon graduating college they must commission as either a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps or ensign in the Navy.

As a result of the Navy funding their college expenses they are required to serve between 5 and 12 years depending on the desired position they will receive when they commission.

Grace Bricker: Surface Warfare

Bricker will be attending Texas A&M University this fall on the NROTC scholarship and will be a member of the Corps of Cadets. Her post-college plans include surface warfare, which requires 5 years of service, and hopes to serve her deployment on a ship.

“Going through college first before entering the military is nice because I will get to experience classes that will prepare me for being in a leadership position while in the Navy and have many more career opportunities,” said Bricker.

After college she plans to commission as an officer in the Navy and do her 5 years of service. Following her service she plans to either sign another contract and remain in the Navy or begin working as an experienced hire at an engineering company.

“I mainly chose this path because I felt like it gave me a lot more possibilities for my future,” said Bricker. “I want to be the most successful and happiest that I can be.”

Lucas Botello: Aviation

Botello will attend Texas A&M University in College Station the fall with the help of the NROTC scholarship. He plans to be a member of the Corps of Cadets and is currently in the process of choosing an outfit. He plans to become a Navy Pilot after college, which requires 8 years of service, but he is still undecided on what he wants to fly.

“The scholarship helped me narrow down what colleges I wanted to go to,” said Botello. “UCLA and UT guaranteed me admission, but I wanted to challenge myself so I chose A&M since it is an SMC (Senior Military College).”

SMC’s have a Corps of Cadets program that they can join. The cadets all live together during their time at the school, however joining the Corps of Cadets does not mean you have to join the military.

“I’m most excited for the challenging life that I’ll have in the Corps,” said Botello. “I want to join all the special units I can.”

During the summer Botello and Bricker will attend the New Student Indoctrination before going the Corps.