How old is too old to Trick-or-Treat?

Should a high school student still be out begging for candy on Halloween?

Isabella Paloma

Should a high school student still be out begging for candy on Halloween?

Penelope Jaeger, Staff Writer

The long debated topic of how old kids should be to still Trick-or-Treat is coming back again just in time for this year’s Halloween. Not every kid is ready to give up the joy of dressing up and running around their neighborhood on the hunt for candy. However, many agree that older kids shouldn’t be Trick-or-Treating.

So the question remains: at what age is it not acceptable for kids to keep Trick-Or-Treating anymore? Let’s see what the students of our school think.

“In my opinion, I think that 18+ is too old to be Trick-or-Treating,” Iris Gutierrez said. “Unless you are with a sibling or little kids, then I think its ok.”

Many other students support this and feel that kids should still be allowed to enjoy Halloween by Trick-Or-Treating. 

“I believe that once you finish high school, you need to stop Trick-or-Treating,” Chloe Hall said. “Nineteen and up should stop.”

“I believe that the age to stop Trick-Or-Treating is the age of 18 because you’re getting older because you’re adults now,” Faithlin Delgado said. “It wouldn’t make sense.”

However, some see that reaching adulthood is way too late to stop Trick-or-Treating and set the bar earlier. 

“I believe 13 is the age to stop Trick-Or-Treating,” Kameron Boone said. “It’s the age that’s between Trick-or-Treating and handing out candy.”

“I stopped in like 8th grade,” Logan Stilley said. “I think we didn’t go for candy though, we just went out and did whatever.”

Others are a bit more vague, suggesting you should know when the time comes to stop.

“There comes a point where you have to stop,” Isabella Palombo said. “Would the little kids enjoy the adults ruining all their fun?”