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Popular scams and how to avoid them

Hanna Grohmann, Staff Writer

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The inexperienced and trusting nature of teens is what makes it easy for them to fall victim to scam artists. Some like to take advantage of teenagers and their involvement in social media. One of the most common scams is identity theft.

With apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., we are handing over private information without even realizing it.  This private information that can be used for identity theft. Identity theft is not just the stealing of credit card information or social security numbers, but things as simple as names, pictures, and even addresses. For example, on Instagram information is out there including recent locations tagged to pictures, making it easy for someone to steal another’s identity.

There are many ways to avoid these scams. The simplest thing to do is to put your account on Private Mode. When your account is private, you can choose who follows you and who doesn’t, so you can make sure you actually know your followers. Another way to avoid being scammed is by not putting personal information in your bio. Many people put their age, school, and address in their bios and that can be used against them. Nobody wants to have their identity stolen.

According to Chris Burns, the campus police officer, the most common scams involving students are credit card scams. In many cases, scammers will cover the credit card reader at a gas pump or ATM with a small cover that looks the same but allows them to read your credit card info as you run your credit card.

Also, online scams are extremely common. Again, the scammer is after credit card info or payments for items and services they have no intention of delivering.

If you’re a fan of online sites such as Craigslist, remember that Tomball Police have created a “safe zone” for transactions next to the police department. It is a good idea to use it whenever meeting someone you met online to buy or sell items.

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Popular scams and how to avoid them