The Cougar Claw


January 2, 2014

Dear Editor, I have a complaint. I think we need to make a fund raiser. We need money for a bathroom renovation. The bathrooms in the History hall are dangerous to our self-esteem when there are no doors on the stalls. It would...

More support needed for college-bound kids

Faith Clause

January 1, 2014

As a prospective university freshman, I personally find the amount of college and career instruction to be severely low in our school system. It seems as if the school is only concerned with a student’s graduation. The Advanced...

Big game a big deal to new kid

Hazel Smith, Staff Writer

November 5, 2013

Coming to Tomball High School the day before a huge rivalry football game is very confusing, not to mention a tad-bit stressful. I had no idea what to think or what questions needed to be asked. Then being asked to go record the...

Editorial: School still has history on its side

October 15, 2013

Since the opening of Tomball Memorial, we have found ourselves asking again and again; what separates us from them? What keeps us on the map, against our neighbors with a brand new campus, brand new students (and more of the...

Minimum wage jobs prepare students for careers

Leanne Haas, Editor

September 11, 2013

There’s more to a job than making money, though money is quite nice and useful. And it’s an old cliche that “hard work builds character” that a parent or grandparent might instill in their young offspring- but there’...

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