Commentary: Should Marijuana be legal?!


Colorado and Washington have already legalized marijuana. Now California, Nevada, and Massachusetts have legalized it as well, while Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas have legalized it for medical purposes.

Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s right or good for you.

Yes, marijuana can help in some areas of your health, but it’s more dangerous than you think.

In some cases, there are people that use it because they need it for medical care but otherwise, this doesn’t make anything better.

This only causes more crime and more health problems. It effects your body, social life, education, relationships with family, friends, with your dating life, and your job in the future.

How it hurts the body:

-Hurts mental health with short term memory

-Hurts lungs which causes breathing problems

-Heart rate goes up

-Hinders work ethic, increases laziness

-Impairs judgment

Although if only used about once a month it’s been studied that the effects are not as severe, most find it hard if not impossible to stop with just one usage a month.


Also, marijuana is a gateway drug. This means statistically speaking people who regularly use marijuana are very likely to start using other drugs such as cocaine, meth, and heroin. 

Some will think that it should be legal but if it hurts people this badly when it’s illegal, imagine how it will be when it’s legal.

Instead of helping the U.S. to get better, it will just hurt the U.S. and it’s citizens.

The above artwork was done by Savanna Glander. The chart is from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.