Commentary: The forgotten people

Rafael Ceja and Mark Martinez

Have you ever wondered what the lunch ladies and custodians feel like, having to clean up and make food for us every single day?

As you know, they work long hours – from sunrise to sunset – to ensure that our school looks tidy for not only us, but for the community and staff workers.

Unfortunately, these hard workers don’t get the respect they deserve. Students throw their food and trash on the floor or leave stuff lying around the school for the custodial staff to clean up.

The custodians don’t deserve to be treated with such disdain. As the Golden Rule states: “Treat others how you’d like to be treated.”

“It can be hard to clean up during the day, especially if you’re tired from the previous day,” custodian, Jose Salano said. “You’re always busy doing something. There’s never a time when you’re not doing something.”

The lunch ladies also shared their feelings.

“It can be stressful to have to cook for everyone because you’re on a time limit and all the food has to be done by that time limit,” Nicole Foley said.

However, staff members still enjoy their jobs.

“We don’t feel neglect when people throw the food away that they don’t want, we enjoy cooking for the staff members and students at Tomball High School,” Lisa Salazar said.