Editorial: Voters should back bond election

Cougar Claw Staff

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Every school year since 2013, Tomball ISD has grown by about 1,000 students. There is no sign of this growth slowing down, and with a predicted student population of 16,793 for next year and 19,288 for the 2021 school year, facilities need to be better suited to handle the masses.
We need new schools, and the bond on tomorrow’s ballot plans on adding another elementary and junior high to help accommodate the growth.
Although Tomball High has enough room for the coming years, our sister school Tomball Memorial does not. Currently 2,200 Wildcats are being crammed into a building designed to hold a maximum of 2,500, and this bond will help create additional room for TMHS.
In addition, much needed buses – all air conditioned – will be added to the TISD fleet to help combat the overcrowding on buses. Ask any kid who rides the bus, this is a must.
The auditorium at Tomball High has slowly degraded these past couple of years, to say the least. An auditorium is suppose to be a high quality area dedicated to the arts, anything less than that is a disgrace to our school. The bond would fund a massive, and much-needed, renovation.
FFA needs a working Ag barn. The Tomball High School shouldn’t have to go over to TMHS to do anything. The schools need to have parity in facilities, and this – along with a new swimming pool for Memorial – helps achieve this goal.
Last, but not least, this bond proposes for a new football stadium. Even though the current stadium works, there are legitimate reasons for building a new one. The Tomball High Schools stadium was built way back in 1971 and is in violation of current Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. Our old stadium will not be demolished; instead the new one will be off campus for varsity games while the old one remains in use by other levels of football and numerous other sports.
Although one would think that upgrading the current stadium would be better, when you look into it you’d discover that it would be a mistake to do so. It is in our best interest as students because if an upgrade was put in, a large chunk of parking would be replaced by the stadium.
If you are 18 years or older and registered to vote, please vote yes to the bond. As students, we need this. We need buses that aren’t overcrowded, facilities that aren’t falling apart. It’s an investment in us as students and the community as a whole.

For more information on the bond election, check out our story.

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