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Thank You, Mrs. Dio

Thank You, Mrs. Dio

March 22, 2017

Too Close to Home

Too Close to Home

December 5, 2014

Cross-culture students find ‘normal’ to be relative

Jynn Schubert

December 29, 2013

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Looking up and around at the faces of her peers, she goes through the familiar process of silent goodbyes. Goodbye…. Goodbye… Goodbye… I’ll miss you…. “I’m moving.” she says, the girls at her table look up from...

For some, immigration issue hits home

Maria Ramirez & Wendy Salazar

December 28, 2013

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Immigration reform is something that has been talked about for a long time. Illegal immigrants wake up every day with the hope of a better life, jobs and opportunities, but it just seems like an impossible dream for those who...

Time for district to dump books, switch to electronic devices

Leanne Haas, Editor in Chief

December 23, 2013

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It’s been a widely discussed topic in the last decade - the idea of replacing textbooks with online materials - but the concept hasn’t been a practical solution until recently. It might not have been feasible 10 years ago...

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