Commentary: HSM4 is far from “Fabulous”

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Commentary: HSM4 is far from “Fabulous”

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Growing up in the era of “the good Disney Channel,” the  High School Musical franchise launched the beginning of our young hopes and dreams: one day, we may find our own Troy and Gabriella type of love.

Talk about an additional High School Musical 4 has recently been a subject of focus with our generation, and sadly, the rumors are true. High School Musical 4 has casting calls in session and will soon be on its way to Disney Channel.

Not only will this new installment of the franchise introduce all new and unknown characters, Kenny Ortega (who directed and choreographed the first 3 movies) will be moving out of his notorious directing position to make way for Jeffrey Hornaday (director of Teen Beach Movie).

The film will be based around the East High Wildcats and their rivals, the West High Knights. Devastatingly enough, there is no confirmation that any original beloved original actors (Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, etc.) will be returning to the screen.

Because the film franchise is so popular, the presidential head of Disney Channel, Gary Marsh, claimed “High School Musical is part of Disney Channel’s DNA,” and for this reason, the company is “excited” to announce the launch of HSM4.
For the sake of some of our favorite childhood memories, we should all just “stick to the status quo.” HSM is a sacred pastime that should be protected. Without Troy and Gabriella in the fourth installment, we ‘”gotta go our own way.”


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