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Commentary: Right to the restroom

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Commentary: Right to the restroom

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There’s huge (unnecessary) controversy when it comes to getting permission to use the bathroom in high school. This does sound ridiculous, I know. And believe me, I am totally aware of arguments for the opposition, but overall, I think students should be able to use the restroom whenever they want to.

To take off with my argument, let me just start by saying no one chooses when nature calls. And when nature does call, you have to answer. Also, some people do have issues (women sometimes have womanly problems and medical instances are not out of the question).

While passing periods are an option for restroom breaks, it’s nearly impossible to have time to go to your locker, find your next class, and use the restroom all in a span of six minutes time.

While teachers may argue that a student may miss important information for taking a restroom break during class, the information missed is nothing that can’t be explained within about a five minute time span (being restroom breaks are about five minutes on average).

Don’t get me wrong, teachers. I do understand where you’re coming from. Your argument also includes some valid points. You are right, some students do just ask to use the restroom as an excuse to miss class. Also, students are aware of your point that passing periods are a good time to do your business. But let me just say, even if your students are using the restrooms for an excuse, who does that really cheat? If anything it’s going to hurt their grades, which is no one’s fault but their own. 

High school students should be allowed to use the restroom whenever they would like. I understand, asking permission is polite, and I am not saying students shouldn’t have to ask. I am simply stating no student in any school, anywhere should be denied of the personal task of going to the restroom. Period. Let your students use the restroom.


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Commentary: Right to the restroom