Is Blk. Water better?

Is Blk. Water better?

It’s just another trend that goes around our school. You’ve probably seen at least one person you know carrying around “black water.” Why? What’s so good about this abnormally colored liquid? Is it even worth $2.15 a bottle?

If you’re wondering what this drink is (and you probably are), blk. is water on steroids. It has all of the nutrients of your grocery store water bottles as well as a million additional benefits and nutrients to keep you healthy.

According to the blk. website,, “blk. is premium fulvic-enhanced, all-natural mineral water. blk. is what happens when fulvic (Organic minerals within the structures of prehistoric plants were deposited onto the surface of the earth, where they were combined with fulvic acids. This continued for millions of years, gradually forming rare Fulvic Mineral deposits) trace minerals are added to pure water. blk. contains powerful electrolytes and has a high pH. blk. is serious hydration. blk. is a delicious beverage without any sugar, carbs or calories. blk. is here and it will defy your expectations.”

And if you’re repulsed by the color, have no fear. blk. tastes like any other water you’ll ever drink, but better, because “blk. gets it color from fulvic trace minerals and it contains over 60 other trace minerals”(
Be gracious to your body and keep yourself in balance with blk.’s high PH balance, and stay hydrated with the perfect amount of electrolytes.


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