What is up with Soccer in this Country?


I may live in America, but on game day my heart is in Denmark, and no, by game day I am not talking about basketball, football, or even baseball.

I am talking about the annoying cousin of sports in America; soccer.

Being from Europe, where soccer is admired almost to a religious extent, I was astounded of how Americans just could not care less about it. It’s like, they know it is there, but they don’t want to recognize it as an actual sport.

I’ll go ahead and confess it; I am a huge soccer fan, so yesterday, when Denmark played the American national team, I was thrilled. It was the highlight of the week, but my unconcerned American friends made it difficult to be jubilant.

I came to the harsh realization that my deep rooted love for soccer just wasn’t shared anywhere in the melting pot, and when Denmark actually beat the US, then came the true devastation for my ego; not to be able to brag.

Why is soccer so unimportant to you Americans? Maybe it all comes to a need of being different. Maybe it is true that soccer is just too slow. I don’t understand, and I probably never will.