Bomb threat evacuation unnecessary

About a month ago, the entire school was evacuated from the building because of a note that was left on a bathroom wall; a bomb threat.
But there was no chaos, no students rampaging through the hallways, no shouting. No imminent threat was ever felt – and that’s because this has happened before.
Students were taking selfies as they sat on the grass and waited to be herded over to the stadium. This was not the first time a bomb threat has been written on a THS bathroom wall with a conveniently specific time. Most likely, it was just another student trying to get out of a test.
Instead of rewarding a very obvious attempt to get out of class by a student, the school should have ignored it. It was known from the beginning nothing would come out of the dubious threat, and yet who knows how much money was spent on helicopters and guards. Though it is currently required to notify of any threat to students’ safety, is it too much to ask to use common sense?
Can we all come to an agreement to make it a point to ignore school bathroom threats at specific times? If ever there was a true bomb, we would not be given time to anticipate such.
And even if, against all odds, there was to be a bomb detonation at 11:30 on a Thursday at school, it is not advised to crunch the entire student and staff body into one location – the stadium – for easier access.