A plea for prom prize parity

Project prom had intended to be the icing on the cake for seniors, the last chance for some to be with all of their friends before graduation.
For at least a month, there was a lot of hype surrounding the after-prom party. With $30,000 worth of prizes, a lot of seniors were promised there would be plenty of gifts for everyone – and there were plenty of gifts, just not enough recipients.
Though it should be mentioned that the school and senior parents put a lot of thought and time into making prom and project prom a great experience, there can always be something to improve upon, and the way the prizes are distributed needs a change.
That $30,000 is a huge amount of money, but the fact that there were some students winning multiple prizes while others were going home empty-handed seems careless and wasteful, given what could have been done with that money. In one instance, a student won two of the same prize.
Next year, there should be a tier system. The largest prizes go first, and if someone wins a prize, their name can’t be redrawn. Seniors would leave their prom a lot less sour-faced.