Minimum wage jobs prepare students for careers

There’s more to a job than making money, though money is quite nice and useful. And it’s an old cliche that “hard work builds character” that a parent or grandparent might instill in their young offspring- but there’s wisdom in these words.

Minimum wage might not sound too appealing, but it goes a long way in the pocket of a high school student who more likely than not doesn’t have mortgage payments to make or taxes to pay. Working twenty hours a week is more than enough to make at least 500 bucks a month.

Even if the student has to pay for their own gas and ends up with only $100 worth of spending money, the feeling of freedom and independence is well worth it. It allows the student to put their foot in the real world without having to jump right in.

Can you imagine how many clueless young people there would be, just starting their careers after never holding a job in their life, and suddenly jumping into a full-time job (if they even make it that far) only to realize they have no idea how to manage their own finances?

Actually, people like this do exist, and rarely do they do well in the real world. That’s what Ma and Pa’s basement is for.

Even if a student inherits a great wealth from some relative or they win the lottery and never have to work again, there’s still the chance they could screw up even that blessing because they can’t handle money, because they’ve never had a job. It’s happened to celebrites. It can happen to them.

It’s understandable if in a student’s situation it is impossible to obtain a job, as there are legitimate excuses for being a teenager with limited options as opposed to adults, it’s advisable that that person finds a job when they’re out of high school as soon as they can.

Because let’s be real here: Nobody just jumps right into a career without a little preparation.

Tips to maintaining school and work:


  • Keep a planner (organize absolutely everything)
  • Arrange work schedule around school, not school around work
  • Pay attention in class, get as much work done in class as you can