Cougars for a Cause starts up

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Cougars for a Cause starts up

Jenna Jaffray, Staff Writer

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A new club has been introduced to THS: Cougars for a Cause.

But the purpose of the club is to bring the large-scale goals of UNICEF to Tomball through Cougars for a Cause, by volunteering with local organizations such as TEAM, Interfaith, and various food pantries.

“One in seven people in the state of Texas go hungry every single night,” Parvinl said, “Change has to start in our community.”

Educating the student body on issues that are often overlooked by teens is also one of the main objectives of Cougars for a Cause.

“It may seem like stuff like that only happens in other countries around the world, but in reality, it happens here,” Parvinl said, “We live in a very privileged area of the world, so I think that people just don’t know the realities.”

A new topic will be discussed each month at the meetings, each focusing on a different aspect of the struggles that children in third world countries deal with.

“We’re presenting the information and showing [members] that all this stuff is happening and nobody knows about it,” event manager Isabella Lujan said, “so that not only are we spreading out awareness to them, but they’re going to be able to go out and spread awareness to other people.”

But the officers are hoping that not only will Cougars for a Cause bring a change to the community, but also to the students involved.

“I think that through this club, [members are] going to come in with different motives,” historian Lizzie Paiz said, “and then they’re going to realize  they had an impact and [were a part of] something that was bigger than them.”

And while building this new club from the ground up has been a struggle for the officers, they’ve been motivated by the vision of seeing people’s lives changed.

“As long as we can look back at the year and reflect and see that we had an impact,” Parvinl said, “I’d say it was worthwhile.”

Cougars for a Cause meets in the MGI every other Tuesday during A block. Membership packets will be available during meetings.


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