Inexpensive gift ideas for the holidays


Natalia Martinez

Poster for Christmas tips on saving money

Ashlynn Ritschel, Staff Writer

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With the gift giving season approaching so fast, some teens might think they don’t have the time or money to purchase extravagant gifts for the ones they’ll love, but little do they know gifts and presents aren’t about expensiveness or worth.

Here are some inexpensive gift idea for the ones for the one receiving;

  • Bath set

Holidays being celebrated so close to New Year’s, and so many people going along with the phrase “new year new me”, loved ones will always appreciate a new body care set to start their new 2023 schedule.

  • Pajama sets

With Texas unpredictable weather during the holidays, a great new pajama set will do it for some loved one. This gift idea also makes it easy for the harsh forecast and many alternative designs – such as patterns and styles.

  • Perfume and lotion 

Along with our loved ones’ New Year’s products, items like great scented perfume and lotions fit right into anyone’s routine,  with so many different options to suit anyone’s preferences, getting one especially for them adds to the special thought.

  • Snacks and food 

Giving a gift to someone you know with the idea of their favorite sweet or savory treats means a lot to anyone. Along with the idea of gifting, it places a personal touch to any other present.

  • Cooking set

With the thought of any chefs the holidays are a perfect time to cook and bake. With this a utensil set fitting the Christmas theme or personalized with fun patterns help out a lot with delicious bakes.

  • Handmade gifts 

Being one of the most inexpensive options a handmade project holds a lot of care and love, for sure warming up the hearts of the gifted 

  • Mugs 

Along with Mugs being extremely Customizable mugs and cups are useful for the holidays or any occasion

  • Store Clarence and sales 

With any store most have a clearance section with items on sale around December. Looking around many items can be found and used to create thoughtful gifts for any person

  • Board Games 

The end of the year is known for holding the most get togethers and family gatherings, some entertaining party items are in need to go around the table.