Christmas not the only holiday this season


Natalia Martinez

Poster showing the different holidays talked about in the story

Eliana Rosenburg, Staff Writer

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Many families across the world don’t participate in the celebration of Christmas. Whether it be because of religious beliefs or maybe they just don’t like the activities involved in Christmas. Throughout the years there have been many alternative celebrations and holidays for people wanting a change.

Kwanza is the second most celebrated holiday other than Christmas in America. It is the celebration of their African culture and traditions. The best part about this holiday is that it is celebrated for multiple days. For example it would start December 26th, then end on January 1st.

Just like Kwanza, Hanukkah is also a multi-day holiday celebrated December 18th-26th. The Jewish celebration is the rededication of the second temple of Jerusalem, where the jews reclaim the temple after a revolt. This holiday is celebrated with food, candles, and fun games. 

Last but not least is Boxing day, This originates in allowing workers a day to rest and receive gifts from their bosses, though through the years it has grown into giving to the homeless, or shopping for family. All these holidays have one thing in common and it’s to bring people together.