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2016-2017 Staff

Izzy Cross

Staff Writer

I’m Izzy Cross and I am a senior and staff writer for the Cougar Claw. I am also a part of the Tomball STAGE. I’d like to go to college after graduation (*fingers crossed*) but am unsure where yet. I am excited to explore...

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Bri Jacobs

Staff Writer

Hey I’m Bri and I’m a staff writer for journalism. This is my first year at Tomball and being in journalism.

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Tristin Brandt

Staff Writer

I like taking pictures, doing sound and lights, and going to my church. I play drums and was a part of the Tomball High School Drumline for two years in a row.

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Felix Reinecke

Staff Writer

My name is Felix and I am the foreign exchange student from Germany this year.  I have never been to America before, so it is very exciting for me to be here. I am a junior and I am playing basketball and I like writing stories,...

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Nathan Mahaffey

Staff Writer

My name is Nathan Mahaffey, I am a sophomore, and I'm in band and journalism. My plan for the future is to get a degree in writing and a possible major in Psychology. After finishing my basics and Lone Star College, I will go...

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Rafael Ceja

Staff Writer

My name is Rafael Ceja, I'm 15 and a student at THS. I am in journalism and I like to read and draw my favorite video game: the Legend of Zelda. My favorite band is the Gorillaz and my favorite song is "Tomorrow Comes Today."

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Macey Speed

Staff Writer

Hi Coogs, I'm Macey Speed and I am a Sophomore here at Tomball High School! I am in journalism class which makes me a Staff Writer for the Cougar Claw.

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Savannah Glander

Staff Writer

I'm Savannah and I'm a Senior this year! I'm 17 and live at home with my four siblings, dad, and niece. After graduation, I plan to attend Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida to study English and Gaming Development/Design.

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Hanna Grohmann

Staff Writer

Hey Cougars, I'm Hanna Grohmann, a Class of 2017 Senior, and this is my first year taking journalism. I took Photo Journalism last year, and decided I wanted to write more this year.

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Audrey Gennusa

Staff Writer

Hey Cougars! I'm Audrey Gennusa and I'm a freshman. I'm also in journalism, so that makes me a staff writer for the Cougar Claw!

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Mark Martinez

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Mark Martinez and I'm a sophomore in journalism. I'm looking to make a career out of this or in this line of work. Some of my favorite hobbies are playing sports and listening to music. My favorite type of...

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Alyssa Aceves

Staff Writer

My name is Alyssa Aceves. I'm a freshman at Tomball High School. This is my first year in journalism and I hope I can learn a lot of great things and write at least one successful story. In a few years I want to graduate and go...

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Kenzie Megee

Staff Writer

Hey! I'm Mackenzie (Kenzie) Megee and I'm a freshman. I'm in journalism so sometimes I assist the newspaper staff. I enjoy reading a good news story, so why not write some?

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Charlie Bose


My name is Charlie and I'm the Sports Editor for the Cougar Claw Newspaper. This is my Junior year in high school. I love writing but I'm also in Navy JROTC, Debate, a youth leader in ALIVE, and I plan on joining track this...

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Daniela Roscero

Features Editor

I'm a junior. I love writing, so I joined the journalism class last year to explore new writing styles. I ended up especially loving feature and column writing. Journalism is a way for me to inform people and features are my...

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Carly Sander

Opinion Editor

Howdy! I'm Carly Sander and I'm the Opinion Editor for the newspaper. I'm a junior and I'm interested in music and science. I'm excited for this school year as a brand new member of the newspaper staff and I'm ready to make some...

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Ryan Hinojosa

Photo Editor

Hi, I'm Ryan Hinojosa, Photo Editor of the newspaper and Publicity Officer in the Tomball STAGE. I enjoy working on the newspaper staff and with the theater department. I love cult classic movies, cinematography, reading comic...

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Emily Ashlock

News Editor

Hi! I'm Emily Ashlock, a junior, and your News Editor! I play clarinet in band. I love making puns, reading, writing, cinematography, and taking pictures.

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Sabrina Ulloa

Online Editor

Hey I'm Sabrina! I'm a sophomore this year and I'm so excited to be part of the newspaper as the Online Editor. I love writing and I think it's a great way to inform people about what is going one around us and share great moments,...

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Samantha Abrahams


Hey Cougars! My name is Samantha (or Sam) Abrahams and I am a senior here at Tomball High School. I have been a member of the Cougar Claw staff for four years now and I currently hold the position of Editor. To contact...

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