Reading has declined, here’s why


Gabriel Younce

Isabel Renous reads at the school library.

Leah Stinson, Staff Writer

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Reading should be a fun and carefree activity to help pass time. However, for many American High School students, it is viewed as a chore and homework instead.

The decline in reading has many causes, technology being one of them. Apps such as Tiktok or Instagram bring quick and to the point entertainment, lowering the amount of time people are willing to spend doing other activities. These forms of media definitely draw many people of all ages away from engaging in books.

Another major reason people don’t read is because schools assign many comprehension book reports, essays, and tests, making reading seem more like work, driving students to form a negative relationship with reading. 

“I didn’t like reading because of how it’s forced onto us by teachers,” says Sophomore, Katie Corbin. “When I started choosing books based off of my own interests, I started enjoying it a lot more”

Reading also has many other benefits other than free entertainment, such as improving literacy, concentration, and even memory. Reading can also increase the ability to sleep, as books do not give off the harmful blue light that is emitted from phones and other electronic screens.

“Reading gives us the opportunity to experience life through a different lens,” Lindsey Nalley, THS Librarian says. “We can learn about different cultures, beliefs, and experiences and that helps us become more open minded and well rounded.”

Getting into a book can be difficult, especially if reading isn’t a hobby that is practiced often. Choosing a book that has good reviews and is easy to read is a simple way to get out of a “reading slump”, well-rated books are usually popular for a reason, so don’t be afraid of seeming mainstream.

Between school, extracurriculars, and homework, finding time to do activities that allow relaxation can be difficult. Even reading just for ten minutes once or twice a week is better than nothing.

The importance of reading has been lost within the influx of new entertainment. Reading is a fundamental skill to have so learning to enjoy it will have a huge impact on daily life.