Concert Band Spread Christmas Cheer


Elise Guerra, Staff Writer

Concert band students will be given the opportunity to perform at the TISD Ancillary and Transportation on Thursday, December 20th during their third period exam. They will be performing five Christmas classics including Jingle Bell Rock, Rockin’ Around A Christmas Tree, Let It Snow, A Holly Jolly Christmas, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

All of those who are attending are expected to leave for Christmas break with festivity in their hearts. The concert band students are hoping to bring a little more jolly to TISD. Mr. Yancey encourages anyone who can to come out and support, besides, who wouldn’t want to listen to students play some of the best Christmas music!

Students will be adding to the Christmas spirit by wearing Santa Claus hats and other accessories that encourage the holiday spirit. The students have been preparing this performance for a couple of weeks and have ensured us that this will be a festive performance.

This performance gives the students a way to thank people who have worked very hard in order to facilitate their high school experience. High school can be a challenging year, especially right now around finals season, but staff members have never failed to be beside them.

“Playing Christmas music for TISD is a way for me to personally thank the hard workers and administrators for all their help to build my education as a high school student.” freshman Madison Hill said.