One step closer to saying goodbye

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One step closer to saying goodbye

Elise Guerra, Staff Writer

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Sweat glistening against their cotton made uniforms, the light reflecting off those scratched and old mirrors, those worn out shoes that no longer had the same shine from freshman year… everything was the same, except for the fact that the marching band seniors no longer had the uniforms red plumes. They were honored with white plumes, four years they made the commitment of being in the marching band, and this was their last time to perform for their home school.

Senior Anna Jaud called them to set for their last time, and each of the seniors in sync turned to their 45-degree angle and awaited the beginning of their last marching show. This was it, this was the end of football season for all of the committed seniors.

The white plumes glistened in the warm moonlight. First primary step, take a breath.

Fingers drummed against pads and valves, feet pounding against the turf, the seniors under the power of one acting together in order to serve pride to their band one last time.

Under class-men knew that next year would be strange to them. Without the seniors, there would be a missing piece in their lives.

The seniors performed their show for the last time, ensuring not to miss a single step or part of choreography. This was just one step closer to the end of their season, fulfillment burning through their hearts.

“The best thing about being a member in the band is that you are apart of something greater.” Anna said, “This band program means so much to me and I hope that I did a good job of showing everyone who takes part in it just how much I value this program and the lessons I’ve learned from band and everyone in it.”

It all seemed like a fantasy. A joke. A myth. Something impossible.

For years, band students stood by and watched their friends grow out of being just their sophomore or junior friends. For some, this was the year where they marched alongside their closest friends for the last time.

Seniors wiped away the new tears that formed against their skin. They were no longer just some kid in the band program, they were role models.

The band program was like a second home for the seniors and gave them a sense of belonging and comfort. The program gives students an opportunity to enjoy new experiences and meet new people that might’ve felt like family to them.

“There have been some people in the band program who I grew close to who I have felt like they are my own brother or sister,” senior Ashton Harper said, “I knew instantly that this was my last year seeing them and it hit me really hard.”

Students watched the seniors perform for their last time and listened to their hearts cracking under the pressure. Small clusters of people swarming around a single individual grieving the soon depression of their role models leaving.

“My heart broke. I’ve grown very close to them in my few months during this season,” freshman Rameesha Ehtesham said, “Seeing them perform for the last time is very hard especially knowing I probably won’t ever see them again after this year.”

The bond that has formed between students within the band program is undeniable and nothing that you will see will be as strong as the bond between the band students.

“My experience in the band program was overall the best thing I did in high school,” senior Gabriela Albarran said, “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would never change my decision of joining the band. I grew very close with other students within the band and I can’t imagine life without them.”

Seniors couldn’t imagine letting go of something that truly defined them. What would their experience be like without hundreds of friends standing by your side?

“When you’re in the band program for four years,” Harper said, “You tend to rely on others to support you and there are always people there for you in band.”

This wasn’t a game on who could be the better player, this was a family full of strong, everlasting bonds.

“The irreplaceable friendships and memories that I’ve gotten over the years are something I wouldn’t trade for the world,” Anna said, “I was the senior now and at the beginning of this year I didn’t imagine to become so close with anyone since most of my close friends had already graduated. However, now, my two best friends, Summer and Harmony, are juniors who were on the drum major team with me this year.”

Seniors took their final breath and released it into their last note of pure harmony and emotions. They listened to Anna Jaud say “Go!” one last time and quickly one by one brushed off the field. They gathered into a tight huddle listening to Miss Hague give them their last review of how their show went.

Students grasped their beloved seniors and for the final time, walked them off the field with arms around shoulders and smiles around hearts.