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Character Strong starts up for the year

Jenna Jaffray, Staff Writer

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Character Strong held its first meeting of the year Tuesday, September 18 and Thursday, September 19.

Meetings will be held on Tuesdays during A block and Thursdays during B block for 22 more weeks this school year. Both meetings cover the same material, but have multiple times throughout the week so students in grades 10-12 who want to attend have multiple options in case there is a conflict with one.

For upper classmen, Character Strong graduation cords can be earned by attending 19 out of the 22 meetings this year.

To join, sign up using QR codes posted around the school, and then talk to Principal Chris Scott to get assigned a Character Strong block. If you need to change which block you were assigned, email Scott so he can get an estimate of who will be in attendance at each meeting.

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Character Strong starts up for the year