Change your Google password

Natalie Bivens, Staff Writer

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If someone knows your birthday, then someone knows your Google password. Google accounts are saved to some Chromebooks and school computers. Those accounts that are there, just need to have the password entered to be logged into.

Once another student gets into your Google account, they then have access to your g-mail, Google docs, slides, drive, and any of your contacts added to your account. The person who hacks into your account can get personal information on you.

They can also delete any of your papers that you are writing for school, add in something that could get you into trouble, or they can send something to a teacher or another student that could also get you into trouble.

The technology department is reminding students that they need to change their password to something unique, not just your name, birthday or school ID number. When your account is saved to a computer or Chromebook, it already shows your name, ID, and school email. It is good to have a password that won’t be easily guessed by another student or any random person.

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