Trendy Halloween Costumes

Madalyn Botello, Staff Writer

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Fall is swiftly approaching, and with Fall comes a certain scary-themed holiday. Halloween costumes can come in different styles and sizes, there is even a difference in how elaborate the outfit can be. Whether students wearing a sheet or sewing one, students should know which are the most popular costumes this Halloween.

Whenever a new superhero or animated movie arrives in theaters it’s not a stretch to find a surplus of these hero’s costumes roaming the streets. This seems to be the case with Incredibles 2. Everything from the original design to Elasta Girl’s high fashion new look can be easily found on Amazon or on an aisle of Party City.

Another trendy look students can rock this Halloween is Disney. Students of any age can wear the colorful, empowering style of a number of classic and new Disney characters.

However much candy you get, how sparkly the costume is, or scary movies you watch, students often look forward to the scariest holiday of the year. After all, you’re never too old to trick-or-treat!

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