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The truth about music and studying

Logan Fuchs, Staff Writer

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“Music helps me concentrate” is a phrase that teachers hear from students on a regular basis. But could music really be beneficial towards you and your grades?

In recent studies scientists have discovered that music does in fact help you study, focus and complete tasks such as writing essays, completing math problems, and reading books or passages. So why are some teachers so against the idea? Because students aren’t listening to the right brain food. Music with words or music that is usually associated with dancing isn’t the most ideal considering it distracts and preoccupies the mind with music rather than the work at hand, causing bad results in student performance. Listening to Classical Music is the best option, as it calms the nerves and promotes focus.

Humans respond to music because it releases specific endorphins in the mind that help with different tasks we accomplish on a daily basis. So, next time you are studying for a big test or writing an essay, put on some instrumental music and marvel at the results.

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The truth about music and studying