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Students have to pay to take AP Tests

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Due to state funding, the recent decision has been made that for the 2015 school year students will be required to pay for their own AP tests.

The cost of each test is $91, which can be a challenge for students taking all AP classes.
“We hope the number of students that take AP courses is not affected. If students consider the average cost of a college course, $91 is a great deal for college credit,” college and career counsellor Emily Nichols said.

But there are still concerns about how much the tests are going to cost. Some students feel that, despite the deal they are getting on college credit, paying for their AP test is not worth their money.

“Paying for all your AP tests becomes a problem when you are enrolled in four or five,” Junior Joe Torres said, “You are also not guaranteed to pass. So if you fail, all the money you spent on those tests goes to waste.”

The deadline for ordering pre administration materials for the AP test is April 1, 2015. The tests will be administered May.

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Students have to pay to take AP Tests