Hammeken’s soccer success continues


Courtesy of Ximena Hammeken

Ximena Hammeken has become a standout soccer star.

Lauryn Olivarez, Senior Writer

Junior Ximena Hammeken has been playing soccer for as long as she could remember.

“It had always been a part of my family, and after trying multiple sports throughout my childhood and school career, I never felt the same way as I felt about soccer,” Hammeken said.

Not only has she been on Tomball’s Varsity Soccer team since her freshman year, but she’s also on a club team: Houston Dynamo Dash PA. Having to balance school and two different team schedules can be very difficult, especially during the most important year of high school, but Ximena has it all figured out.

“It becomes a routine,” she said. “Sometimes I have to skip club practice to keep up with my grades.”

Ximena works to find that perfect balance: grades are of utmost importance to colleges, but also getting enough training and exercise is another aspect that scouts are looking for. She’s gotten offers from the University of Houston, McDaniel College, and Houston Baptist University all asking her to talk and possibly join some summer workout camps.

“The biggest factor that will impact my college decision is going to be both my parents and my gut,” Hammeken said. “I’m not picky, but I want to feel comfortable, accepted, and appreciated wherever I end up going. Mental health is really important to me so I have to make sure that mine is always in a positive state.”

She plans on going Division 1 and also majoring in cinematography, pursuing two of her greatest passions.

“If I were to encourage a little one to play soccer, I would tell them the most important thing they need to know: Have fun!” she said. “Never let the stress and pressure take away their love for the game.”