Cross Country scores at first meet


Sydney Thomas-Arnold, Staff Writer

Cross country team finishes mud run. (Austin McQuary)

The Varsity and JV Cross Country team competed at the Mud, Sweat, and Cheers meet this past weekend. Overcoming obstacles like logs and a mud pit,  the Girls JV team took second place. The Boys Varsity team and the Girls Varsity team took home trophies as well.

Varsity Boys champions: Gabe Zumar, Riley Trent, Wyatt Lehmann, and Jacob Zimmerman

Varsity Girls champions: Marin Nordenstam, Callen Nash, Allison Dougherty, and Laney Nash

JV Girls second place: Rylyn Bradford, Jaime Rowe, Bridgett Rodriguez, and Layla Nunz

“On Saturday we’re going to another meet in Pearland,” Laney Nash said. “We hope to do well there too.”